Details about association:

Why does croupier association exists?!

          The objectives of the Casino Dealer Association are: constant and continuous education of dealers, connection and professional specialization of its members, gathering and processing of the professional literature, organization of the seminars, meetings and conferences in the field of gambling, electronic and print publishing, assistance in searching a suitable employment for its members, connection of casino dealers with the casinos and other employers involved in the field of gambling, cooperation with other associations, casinos, employers and employers’ Associations in the Republic of Serbia and on the international level.

In order to achieve its goals the Casino Dealer Association particularly provides the following:

Relevant source of all the information

Gathers and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of casino gambling.

Enhancement of your knowledge

The Casino Dealer Association organizes by itself or in cooperation with other organizations, companies and associations professional conferences, workshops, seminars and other forms of dealer’s educational program.

Stay up to date

The Casino Dealer Association publishes magazines and other printed or electronic publications on issues related to the work and professional education of casino dealers.

Connection with other people

The Casino Dealer Association liaise with other organizations, associations and employers' Associations in order to organize an adequate training and to facilitate the search of a proper employment for its members.

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